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Don Broco: Action

Asides, Music

7th October, 2019

Director Benjamin Roberds launches a hot new Don Broco action figure range with face-meltingly tragic consequences in 'Action'.

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Negative Space

Animation, Asides

17th July, 2019

A man recalls the bonding experience of learning the intricacies of a well packed suitcase from his father in Tiny Inventions' 'Negative Space'.

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Maegan Houang Weaves an Alluringly Surreal Tale of Memory & Loss in Fantasy Short ‘In Full Bloom’

Animation, Live Action

27th June, 2019

Maegan Houang shares how personal memories of loss informed the narrative and emotion of her practical effects based surreal short 'In Full Bloom'.

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Andrea Vinciguerra Exposes a “Terrible Curse in our Society” in Energetic Stop-Motion Short ‘No, I Don’t Want to Dance!’


10th May, 2019

Andrea Vinciguerra joins us to discuss how people watching while listening to music on headphones, led him to create his dance-fuelled stop-motion short.

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How Two Randomly Paired Characters Led Matthew Lee to Create Stop-Motion Short ‘Cabin Pressure’

Animation, Premiere

15th April, 2019

Recent NFTS graduate Matthew Lee joins us to discuss stop-motion short 'Cabin Pressure' and how it helped shape his grad film 'One Liner'.

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An Insecure Man Embraces His Desire to Become a Power Bottom in Kevin Rios’ Comedy ‘THE SHIT! An Opera’

Live Action, Premiere

4th April, 2019

DN speaks to Kevin Rios about power bottoms, self-induced panic and a wisdom-spouting stop-motion piece of crap in his comedy short 'THE SHIT! An Opera'.

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Animation, Asides

19th February, 2019

A strange group of creatures gather to gamble, putting their souls at stake in Anne Breymann’s darkly surreal stop motion short 'Nocturne' (Nachtstück).

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Animation, Asides, Live Action

14th February, 2019

LA based Director John Alan Thompson gets us in the Valentine's Day mood with his cute playful tale of dismembered limbs in love, 'Handsy'.

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Heather Colbert Looks to “Enhance the Feeling of Magic” by Combining Animation Techniques in ‘How Have You Been?’

Animation, Music

14th January, 2019

Rising star of stop-motion Heather Colbert returns to Directors Notes to discuss her animated music video for Tom Rosenthal track 'How Have You Been?'

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Astrid Goldsmith Looks to Paint a “Hopeful Vision of Post-Brexit Britain” in Stop-Motion Short ‘Quarantine’


9th January, 2019

Director Astrid Goldsmith joins us to discuss funding and the importance of fabrics in her stop-motion post-Brexit pagan dance fantasy 'Quarantine'.

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In a Nutshell


7th January, 2019

Fabio Friedli exhaustively encompasses the world and all that's within it in staggeringly inventive stop-motion piece 'In a Nutshell'.

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Animation, Asides

2nd January, 2019

Max Mörtl and Robert Löbel whisk us away to a small isle populated by a menagerie of exotic creatures in their whimsical animated short 'Island'.

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