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A Didactic Short Story Is Given an All Too Relatable Contemporary Spin in ‘Rope’ by Kyomu Yoshida


8th February, 2021

Kyomu Yoshida details why he chose to animate a caustic social commentary derived from a tale by the father of the Japanese short story in 'Rope'.

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Gabriel & Sergio Twardowski Recreate the Thrill of Live Music in Stop-Motion Concert Short ‘Alok Memories’

Animation, Documentary

2nd October, 2020

Gabriel & Sergio Twardowski tell DN how they mined 30 TB of material to recreate the thrill of live music in stop-motion concert short 'Alok Memories'.

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The Terror of Intrusive Thoughts Are Vividly Brought to Life in Suraya Raja’s ‘Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant’


28th September, 2020

We speak to Suraya Raja about using stop motion to convey the daily battle for self-control fought by OCD suffers in 'Don't Think of a Pink Elephant'

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Why rubberband. Shot Four Miles of Paper Images for Lewis Del Mar’s Animated Music Video ‘TV’

Animation, Music

10th September, 2020

Directing duo rubberband. ponder the onslaught of images we see on a daily basis in their hand-animated music video for Lewis Del Mar's 'TV'.

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Joshua Tuthill’s Space Race-Set Stop Motion ‘Black Dog’ Sees Tensions Rise Between Two Grieving Brothers

Animation, Premiere

15th May, 2020

Joshua Tuthill discusses the ever-evolving production process behind 'Black Dog' his 60s set stop motion short dealing with an intense brotherly bond.

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How “Personal Experience” Inspired Anushka Naanayakkara to Create a Stop-Motion Love Story Made From Wool


7th January, 2020

NFTS graduate Anushka Naanayakkara joins us to discuss the inspiration and production behind BAFTA-winning stop-motion short film 'A Love Story'.

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Jack Savoretti: Christmas Morning

Animation, Asides, Music

24th December, 2019

Karni&Saul transport us to a heartwarming family duvet fantasy in their animated music video for Jack Savoretti’s Yuletide track 'Christmas Morning'.

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Sam Gainsborough Takes Claymation Life-Size with Stop-Motion/Live-Action Hybrid ‘Facing It’

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action

18th December, 2019

NFTS graduate Sam Gainsborough joins us to discuss how he used about "half a tonne of plasticine" in his inventive grad film 'Facing It'.

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Luca Cioci Examines the Destructive Life of Routine in CalArts Short ‘Medium Rare’

Animation, Premiere

11th December, 2019

Recent CalArts graduate Luca Cioci joins us to discuss why stop-motion was the perfect form for his short film 'Medium Rare'.

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Carol Freeman Creates an Astounding Journey of Self-Discovery in Paint-On-Glass Animation ‘The Bird & the Whale’

Animation, Premiere

28th November, 2019

Carol Freeman reveals how a team of animators worked error-free for 14 months across nearly 4500 paintings for paint-on-glass short 'The Bird & the Whale'

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Don Broco: Action

Asides, Music

7th October, 2019

Director Benjamin Roberds launches a hot new Don Broco action figure range with face-meltingly tragic consequences in 'Action'.

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Negative Space

Animation, Asides

17th July, 2019

A man recalls the bonding experience of learning the intricacies of a well packed suitcase from his father in Tiny Inventions' 'Negative Space'.

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