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A Mother’s Love for Her Son Is Tested by Radicalisation in Robin Summon’s Unsettling Drama ‘Victim’

Robin Summons talks to DN about portraying the worrying pernicious mundanity of Incel radicalisation on young men in his unsettling drama short.

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Film Festival, Live Action

Faris Alrjoob Crafts a Beguiling Mystery of Love with Cannes-Premiering Short ‘The Red Sea Makes Me Wanna Cry’

Through enigmatic voiceover, elliptical editing and gorgeous Super 16mm frames, Faris Alrjoob reveals how he created a mysterious reverie on closure.

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Live Action

An Author’s Hope for Isolation is Disturbed by a Strange Couple in Alex Fofonoff’s Cosmic Horror ‘While Mortals Sleep’

Alex Fofonoff breaks down the refined screenwriting process that birthed his eerie and otherworldly 16mm cosmic horror short.

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Art & Fashion

Nat Gee Traverses the Ebbs and Flows of an Intense Anxiety Attack in Experiential Short ‘Waves’

Nat Gee explains how she used movement and camerawork to convey the inner workings of an intense anxiety attack for her experimental dance short.

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An Isolated Teen Suffers the Violence of Human Indifference in Marc Ortiz’s ‘Glass’

Marc Ortiz's music video for Animic maps the troubled existence of an isolated teen as he attempts to fend off the violence of human indifference.

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