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David Findlay’s Queer Drama ‘Lay Me by the Shore’ Follows a Week in the Life of a Grieving Trans

David Findlay explains how he constructed the subtle yet emotional journey of his short LGBTQ drama about grief and friendship during post-production.

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Harun Güler’s ‘In Limbo’ Mixes Documentary and High Style to Create an Ode to Non-Binary Turkish Life

Harun Güler discusses using slow-motion, evocative performances and subversive fashion to point to new ways for Turkish gender expression.

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Live Action, Premiere

Alfie Dale Tells the Spiritual Journey of a Trans Teen in Fairytale Drama ‘My Brother is a Mermaid’

Alfie Dale explains how he sought to re-understand embedded societal gender norms through his social-realist LGBTQ fairytale 'My Brother is a Mermaid'.

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