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A Sexual Education Lesson Becomes Eruptive For All The Wrong Reasons in Alice Seabright’s ‘Sex Ed’

Film Festival, Live Action

15th June, 2018

Alice Seabright discusses using an intense one-take shot to honestly portray a man on the edge of self-destruction within the confines of a Sex Ed lesson.

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A Mother Protects Her Daughter at All Costs in Fateme Ahmadi’s ‘Bitter Sea’

Film Festival, Live Action

14th June, 2018

Fateme Ahmadi talks to DN about the intense camera work of 'Bitter Sea' her short film about an immigrant mother's hope of a better life for her daughter.

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Anna Mantzaris Explores the Catharsis of Explosive Impulses in Animated Comedy ‘Enough’

Animation, Film Festival

13th June, 2018

Anna Mantzaris tells DN how moving to London and Roy Andersson inspired her short comedy animation about a loss of self-control, 'Enough'.

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A Male Government Conspires to Change the Fate of Women in Alicia Macdonald’s Satire ‘Domestic Policy’

Live Action

12th June, 2018

DN speaks with Alicia MacDonald about comedy, tragedy and everything in between in her government conspiracy satire 'Domestic Policy'.

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From Filming Stock Footage to Creating a Random Acts Short – Duncan Cowles Talks ‘Taking Stock’


18th January, 2018

Documentary dir. Duncan Cowles takes a humorous look at the world of freelance filmmaking with his Random Acts stock footage masterpiece 'Taking Stock'.

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Director Jimmy Dean Discusses Shooting Intimate Aspect Ratios for Kitchen Sink Vampire Short ‘V’

Film Festival, Live Action

30th October, 2017

Director Jimmy Dean joins us to discuss his Film London short 'V' - an intimate Vampire story exploring themes of adolescence and isolation.

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