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The Tensions Between Religion and Rebellion Ignite in Taisia Deeva’s Generational Clash Music Video ‘Zver’


23rd April, 2020

Taisia Deeva talks to DN about pitting religion against freedom of expression in her fractious generational battle music video for Dynoro track 'Zver'.

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Taisia Deeva Warns Against the Dangers of Blind Faith & Unquestioning Obedience in ‘Part Twelve’


19th March, 2020

Taisia Deeva guides DN through the creation of her music video warning about the dangers of blind faith within a patriarchal totalitarian community.

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A Solo Park Run Escalates into a Battle of One-Upmanship in Mariia Ponomarova’s ‘Ardea’

Live Action, Premiere

5th August, 2019

Mariia Ponomarova joins DN for the premiere 'Ardea' - the story of a gentle park run which quickly escalates into a competitive battle of one-upmanship.

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Odyn v kanoe: I Have No Home

Asides, Music

2nd August, 2019

A young boy and his imaginary friends traverse epic landscapes in search of home in Volodymyr Vlasenko's 'I Have No Home' music video for Odyn v kanoe.

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Anatoliy Sachivko Embraces the Compelling Power of Destruction in Pokaz Trio Dance Film ‘Kintsugi’

Music, Premiere

20th June, 2019

Directors Notes goes behind the scenes of Pokaz Trio dance film 'Kintsugi' to learn how this captivating ode to the power of destruction came into being.

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Take a Trip into the Psyche of the Rave Scene in João Retorta’s Euphoric Exploration of Escapism ‘Prayer’


22nd March, 2019

Director João Retorta provides a euphoric exploration of our endless quest for escapism & release in rave scene 'non-documentary' music video 'Prayer'.

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Girl of the Sky

Asides, Live Action

26th November, 2018

A Ukrainian girl shifts the power dynamic between herself and a boorish past hookup in Ariel Martin’s tale of teenage sexual expression 'Girl of the Sky'.

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Reimagining Documented Truth as Fiction in Misha Koroteev & Alex Sobolev’s Short ‘Partly Tired Slightly Dead’

Live Action

16th March, 2015

Misha Koroteev discusses how he & co-director Alex Sobolev turned a reportage image into compelling short about loss and sacrifice ‘Partly Tired Slightly

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Animation, Art & Fashion

31st October, 2012

Mykhailo Ivanchyshyn brings together a collection of warping, shifting spheres in Synthesis. This is my personal project which I began experimenting with

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