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Tim Hendrix Sends Mothica on a Roller Skating Trip of the Light Fantastic in VFX Spectacular ‘Crossfire’

Tim Hendrix tells DN how an extended delivery timeline provided the necessary space to give his VFX chops full reign for Mothica music video 'Crossfire'.

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Nicolas Arnold’s 'H E L I O S' provides a jaw-dropping rendition of what the uncharted territories of outer space might look like.

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A Glimpse of Heaven

A man finds himself transformed into digital form by means of a dark and weird cyber-ritual in Loïc Foulon’s glitch filled journey of rebirth.

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Video Artist Lachlan Turczan Transforms Dance Into a Fluid Expression of Self in VFX Music Video ‘With You’

DN speaks to video artist Lachlan Turczan about his visual effects contribution to Sam von Horn’s experimental dance music video ‘With You’.

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