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Buried Treasure Sends an Iranian Village Into a Spiral of Death & Deception in Roozbeh Misaghi’s ‘Turquoise’

Live Action, Premiere

12th March, 2018

Roozbeh Misaghi joins DN with 'Turquoise', his allegorical story about a remote Iranian village which descends into deception, death and double-dealing.

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A Woman Grieves the Death of a Loved One in Amanda Lago’s Beautifully Crafted ‘Mrs. Poucheau’

Live Action, Premiere

8th March, 2018

Amanda Lago follows a woman’s journey through the acceptance of change after the death of a loved one in the online premiere of 'Mrs. Poucheau'.

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A Man Searches for the Spark to Reignite His Lust for Life in Award-Winning Animation ‘A Little Grey’

Animation, Premiere

5th March, 2018

Making its online premiere today, we speak to Simon Hewitt & Steve Smith about sweetening pathos with comedy in their animated short 'A Little Grey'.

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Jiajie Yu Celebrates the Power of Black Male Relationships in ‘Soul’ for The Prussians

Music, Premiere

19th February, 2018

Jiajie Yu returns to DN with 'Soul', his new music video which celebrates the complex but powerful fraternal relationship of two men of colour.

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The Ritual

Live Action, Premiere

14th November, 2016

Markus Schroder's short sees a pair of estranged brothers head out into the desert to perform a ritual to reconnect them with their long absent father.

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M O N O – Y

Art & Fashion, Premiere

9th November, 2016

Director Enrico Poli reprises his partnership with Designer Antonio Labroca for a fashion film which conveys its collection's poetic feeling of liberation.

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