Following hotly in the footsteps of his multi-award winning shorts Sixty Cups of Coffee and The Fall of Shug McCracken, David Ward’s third short is one of three prestigious BBC/Scottish Screen Tartan Shorts completed in 2003. All Over Brazil is a coming-of-age drama set against the backdrop of glam-rock and the 1974 World Cup.

Written by Jamie Havlin, the film reflects a very specific time and place from his childhood which, recalls Ward, set designer Dave Arrowsmith met head on, despite the limited budget. “Our biggest task was to convincingly recreate the detail of a Scottish home in 1974; everything from the beer cans to the electric fire, from the hairstyles to the tank-tops, and from the cars to the chopper bikes was carefully and specifically hired or bought in. After much searching for a real house that might not have changed too much for 30 years, we decided to start from scratch, building an entire set within a very modern house. We had a blank canvas and built and painted false walls, covered light switches and fireplaces, and re-built an entire kitchen with period cookers, white goods and furniture.”

DOP Shane Daly shot the film on a high-speed Super-16mm stock that was put through a bleach-bypass process from neg to print in order to give the film a distinct 1970s look. In post, editor Darren Mostyn worked with Ward to produce the required nine-minute cut specified by BBC Scotland and Scottish Screen and approved by executive producers from both bodies.

All Over Brazil
has been officially selected for the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, Stockholm Film Festival, Florida Film Festival and recently went to its second print for Berlinale at the beginning of February. David Ward is currently developing several feature film projects and television drama series.
David Ward Films

– Originally published in Showreel, Issue 3 (Spring 2004)

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  1. Lily says:

    I found this film looking for Glam ROck images on Google. I’ve seen the trailer on YouTube and I’d love to see the whole thing. How can I?

  2. MarBelle says:

    The film’s not online yet, but you can get in contact with the director via his site and he should be able to let you know if there’re any screenings or DVDs available.

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