The first time we had the pleasure of director Jamie Travis’ company was for his triplet of films The Patterns Trilogy. Well, working in threes once again, he’s recently finished The Armoire, the final instalment of his The Saddest Children in the World trilogy, and joins us to discuss evoking emotion through a formal filmmaking approach.

The Armoire (2009)

11 year-old Aaron plays a game of Hide and Seek in which his friend Tony is never found. The mystery of their relationship—and of their queer attachment to the armoire in Aaron’s bedroom—can only be revealed, it turns out, through hypnosis.

7 Responses to DN159: The Armoire – Jamie Travis

  1. These sound great and I’d love to check them out but I’m out of the country on the 20th, any other screenings or way to watch them?

  2. MarBelle says:

    Any new screenings should get posted to but I’m sure if you dropped a line to info at, Jamie could let you know how to get the DVDs.

  3. Armando says:

    Jamie Travis is an aesthetic genius. We just had his cinematographer Catherine Lutes at the Petaluma Film Festival presenting The Patterns Trilogy and The Armoire, and she is so talented and cool. Travis is a director to watch on the international circuit. Thank you for this interview,it’s great!

  4. MarBelle says:

    Glad you liked the interview, I’m always excited when I know Jamie has a new film.

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