If you thought the ever-present LOLcat meme was fuelled by an army of hapless cat owners you were wrong. I caught up with past DN guest Victor Solomon, to discuss his behind the scenes documentary Life Of Leopold, a look at Leopold Bonar the world’s premiere LOLcat.

Life Of Leopold: Preamble (2010)

A behind-the-scenes documentary about Leopold Bonar, the world’s premiere LOLcat.

Instead of going sort of a slapsticky way if you presented it as seriously as possible then I felt like you would get the most comedic effect.

3 Responses to DN198: Life Of Leopold – Victor Solomon

  1. what! says:

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  2. Gail says:

    Great interview – thanks so much for posting this. It was really interesting to see into what went into the production of the pilot and to hear insights on the process from Victor Solomon.

  3. MarBelle says:

    Really glad you enjoyed the interview. It’s always great to catch up with Victor.

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