The narrative category of the Vimeo awards brings a mix of the creepy, the neglected, the helpful and the downright bizarre across these 4 examples of live action narrative fiction told through the medium of film/video.


Someone’s been stalking your every move. They know who you speak to, where you live, what music you like, in fact they’re watching you right now. Proving that as well as being stranger, truth can also be much more creepier than fiction, directing team Stefan Haverkamp, Jan Jaworski, Branden Kramer and Tom Kropp’s Webcam brings the practice of webcam hacking to disturbing life as we take the stalker’s eye view as he watches his victim from afar. I for one shall be reaching for a square of masking tape the next time I open up my laptop.


Another ‘eye view’ film but this time from the vantage point of man’s best friend. As I mentioned back in January Christopher Guinness’ Pothound plays like a super stylish version of the Littlest Hobo but perhaps cuter, as our hero rights wrongs, takes a dip and delivers an animated beat down.


Even pre-warned by the line “I’ll never get sick of him”, it’s still emotionally wrenching to watch Alex’s boredom with his simplistically cheerfully robot Blinky, become distorted by his mounting frustration with his inability to make his warring parents call a truce. The shot of Blinky counting backwards in the rain is heartbreaking. Then ‘it’ happens and Ruairi Robinson wields your sympathy against you, the clever (heartless) bastard!


What do a put upon intern, time travel and a sandwich slapped together by a strange hunchback have in common? Well, before seeing the comedic genius that is Dave Green’s Ham Sandwich I’d have sworn nothing at all. As he did in Meltdown, Green takes a bizarre concept – here, a ham sandwich that takes you back in time with each bite – and skilfully plays it out to its, OK I can’t say logical, but certainly comedic conclusion. Hmmm, I wonder if cheese sandwiches take you forward in time?

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