Wiretree - Get Up

As it’s less than a fortnight since I posted Eric Power’s Northern Bells music video, I figured I should go directly to the source to find out how things came together on his newest promo for Wiretree’s Get Up:

“The video was made by combining live action footage with cut paper animation shot on green screen (green paper really!). Kevin Peroni of Wiretree and I got together for coffee one day and talked ideas. He suggested that I make the main character based on me, so I took the opportunity to create a little tale centred around me and my fiancee Alicia!

Production began with a collection of interesting sticks and rocks, which I took back to my studio and painted. I wanted the environments to include a hint of color, and also imply a tribal culture was at work in the area. I shot the footage in various places around Austin Texas, as well as a few state parks I visited over the past couple of months. I had worked on a video of this type before, with my music video for The Boxing Lesson’s song Better Daze. This video, however, allowed me to try out the incorporation of cut paper and live action with a wider color palette. I’m happy with how it turned out.”

Check out these behind the scenes stills from the film:

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