Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray

Charming, funny and sad all at once, a lonely bachelor lays his heart on the line in Steve Baker’s fantastic short The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray, Aged 33 & 3/4.

5 Responses to The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray, Aged 33 & 3/4

  1. Benn Veasey says:

    Great little short. Check out my EXCLUSIVE interview with Desmondo here:

  2. MarBelle says:

    Great interview Benn!

  3. Benn Veasey says:

    Thanks MarBelle! I’ll be posting a day-by-day review of the LUC short film festival next week – be sure to check it out!

  4. El Vez says:

    Look forward to reading that Benn, lets us know if you see any shorts you think we should check out.

  5. Hey, hope you enjoy the LUC festival – there’s a full programme of the features and shorts we are screening right here:

    The majority of screenings re free, but a few are ticketed to help cover the costs of putting the event on- for details check our site or follow us on facebook or twitter where we are @LeamUCinema.

    cheers, Jim

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