Indian Director Rahul Bhushan tells DN why he was inspired to follow in the footsteps of his favorite directors and get down and dirty for BLOW, his neon swathed fashion film showcase of the Kristy De Cunha 2018 Collection.

Dying with the mainstream advertising that exists in India, I decided to get myself a reincarnation and jump with my whole heart into creating Art & Fashion Films.

Benoit Debie, Gasper Noe, these two have been my major influences. Often in discussions with other artists here, I was told time and again, that the stuff they create is different but doesn’t work in India. Well I asked “Why?” and I was told, “Because we aren’t ready for it yet”. This film is a aftermath of those discussions. We are ready and we need to be visible to start the revolution.

We are ready and we need to be visible to start the revolution.

So comes Blow with Karol who is a daredevil-blindfolded racing car driver. She takes a hit of DMT and has a out of body experience. This is her journey through the trip. This film wouldn’t have looked the way it does, without Kristy’s Clothes and Pradeep Mukhopadhyay’s music score.

We used a Canon C200 with a Samyang lens, a lens from World War Two which my Cinematographer Arnab Gayan recommended along with the Petzval lens for the desired vision and the lack of funds. The lights that we used were new in India, I think we are the first ones to use Digital Sputnik in India.

I am thankful to the entire crew who dealt with my madness on the set with utmost patience and giving me too much love which was very comforting.

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