A sense of belonging and comfort is driven by the concept of home. That may be where you live or somewhere which draws you back to your proverbial roots. The past few months have seen us spending inordinate time in our homes whilst also longing for places and people we hold dear. This week, as we are able to escape our domiciles and see shoots of normality back in our lives WeAreDN // Lockdown presents five shorts portraying our hearth and homes.

Love by Luke Orlando

In the moments where we truly appreciate life as we live it, we tend to notice things that normally go unseen. We look harder at the sky, the waves of wind floating by in fields, the way the dust floats in hot streaks of sun… in these moments there exists a love that’s different than the love we feel for another person – this is love for a time and place in our lives. [Read the interview]

Journey Birds by Daphna Awadish

Personal stories fuse together as man and bird in a cinematic commentary on immigration. [Read the interview]

Home by Luiz Stockler

Home is where you are… [Read the interview]

Maura by Manfred Borsch & Jacqueline Hochmuth

Dancer and choreographer Maura Morales fled from Cuba at the age of 17. In this short documentary / dance film, she explores her own history, the concept of home as well as the current socio-cultural situation in her former homeland. [Read the interview]

Still Here by Sean Wang

In Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a few residents refuse to leave their now-abandoned village. [Read the interview]

If you enjoyed this week’s selection check out our other WeAreDN // Lockdown collections. We’ll be back next week with more themed shorts for your viewing pleasure. If you have a film you’d like us to consider for future WeAreDN // Lockdown programmes submit it here.

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