Sean Wang Turns Awkward Phone Calls into Poetry in Nostalgic Yearbook Doc ‘H.A.G.S (Have a Good Summer)’

Animation, Documentary

22nd June, 2021

Sean Wang breaks down how he brought his eighth grade yearbook to life in 'H.A.G.S. (Have a Good Summer)', an exploration of childhood through adult eyes.

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Talia Smith Mines Her History of Growing up in South Africa for Oscar-Winning Domestic Motherhood Drama ‘Umama’

Live Action

21st June, 2021

Talia Smith recounts how her personal history informed the diasporic tension she exorcised through her Student Academy Award-winning NYU drama 'Umama'.

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Ten Remarkable Animated Shorts From Annecy 2021

Film Festival

18th June, 2021

A spectacular showcase highlighting the breadth of the animated form - DN lauds ten stand-out animated shorts playing Annecy 2021.

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A Young Down Syndrome Man Adopts a Heroic Identity to Confess a Lifelong Love in Émile V. Schlesser’s ‘Superhero’

Live Action, Premiere

17th June, 2021

Émile V. Schlesser speaks to DN about the challenges of executing an ambitious water-based set piece for his debut short film 'Supehero'.

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Liam Young Examines the Lasting Effect of a Childhood Spent in Pub Culture in Visual Poem ‘Pub Kid’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

16th June, 2021

Liam Young deconstructs his visual poem 'Pub Kid', an examination of pub culture as seen through the eyes of a young boy raised amongst the locals.

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Jerry Rothwell’s ‘The Reason I Jump’ Viscerally Brings the World of Non-Speaking Autism to Life

Documentary, Live Action

15th June, 2021

Jerry Rothwell takes DN inside the 360° sound and hyper-stylised portraiture of his enthralling documentary depiction of life with non-speaking autism.

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Colin Read Captures the Overwhelming Feeling of Mass Expectation in His Stylish ‘Wildfire’ Promo


14th June, 2021

Colin Read walks DN through the production challenges of his constantly in motion music video for Cautious Clay's self-reflective track 'Wildfire'.

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The Best Short Films of Sheffield Doc/Fest 2021

Documentary, Film Festival

11th June, 2021

Doc/Fest's brave curation of intimate shorts shows off the incredible possibilities inherent within the documentary form. Here are DN's favourite 10 picks.

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Hend Esmat & Lamiaa Diab Reverse Parent-Child Dynamics in Absurdist Animated Short ‘Flipped’


10th June, 2021

Co-Directors Hend Esmat and Lamiaa Diab break down the purposely youthful visual style they employed for their short animated comedy 'Flipped'.

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A Desperate Teen Risks the Dangers of an Improvised Abortion in April Nations’ Unbearably Brutal Drama ‘Gilt’

Live Action

9th June, 2021

April Nations explains why she chose not to shy away from the brutality of real life faced by many young women in her hard-hitting drama short 'Gilt'.

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Ángel Pastrana Captures Romance in Forty Gorgeous Cascading Frames for Lezón & Limousin’s ‘Ana y el Drago’


8th June, 2021

Àngel Pastrana walks DN through the inspiration and preplanning behind his enigmatic temporally staggered Lezón & Limousin music video 'Ana y el Drago'.

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Awkward Encounters Abound in Emma Seligman’s Short to Feature Comedy of Chaos ‘Shiva Baby’

Live Action

7th June, 2021

Emma Seligman describes the process of adapting her NYU thesis short into debut feature 'Shiva Baby', a comedic examination of colliding personas.

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