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Sam Mason Unveils the Seeds of an Epic Mythology in Surreal YGT Short ‘Sinking Ship’

Animation, Art & Fashion, Music

4th February, 2019

Sam Mason talks to DN about crafting a new mythology through surreal landscapes & impossible characters in his YGT collaboration 'Sinking Ship'.

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A Mischievous Trio of Extraterrestrial Visitors Change Christmas Forever in Daniel Prince’s Sci-Fi Short ‘Invaders’


18th December, 2018

We talk to VFX artist Daniel Prince about catching the directing bug and combining live action & computer animation for sci-fi Christmas short 'Invaders'.

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Electro Deluxe: Keep My Baby Dancing

Asides, Music

11th September, 2018

An attempt to hit the books is derailed by the invasion of hedonistic party rabbits in Valere Amirault’s stylised 3D music video 'Keep My Baby Dancing'.

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Victor Velasco Delivers an Explosive Mix of Cyberpunk, Japanese Culture & 80s Nostalgia in ‘Shinobi’

Animation, Music

6th September, 2018

A wronged psychic warrior sets out on the hard road of revenge in Victor Velasco’s impressive futuristic 3D music video 'Shinobi' for Code Elektro.

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A Sequence of Statements

Animation, Art & Fashion, Asides

23rd April, 2018

Pablo Alfieri shows perfection the finger in 'A Sequence of Statements', his 3D reflection on the eternal & infinite feeling of being stuck in a loop.

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Jake Dypka Challenges the Binary Nature of Societal Gender Stereotypes in Experiential 3D Short ‘Pink or Blue’

Art & Fashion

19th September, 2017

Director Jake Dypka & spoken word artist Hollie McNish explore the confines of gender in modern society through 3D experiential short 'Pink or Blue'.

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Dimitris Katsafouros Plays Delightful Tricks on the Eyes with 4K Optical Illusion Short ‘Patterns’

Animation, Art & Fashion

16th February, 2017

Multi-disciplined designer Dimitris Katsafouros walks DN through the evolution and challenging render times of his playfully hypnotic 3D pattern short.

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DN224: BEAT – Or Bar-El

Animation, Music, Podcasts

2nd December, 2011

DN chats to Or Bar-El about the marriage of drums and animation and the great results you can achieve once you’re willing to jump off the creative cliff.

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