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Live to Love

Director Adi Halfin celebrates the joyous all-encompassing pleasure of love and freedom in her intuitively made dance short.

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Live Action

Directors Notes Top 20 Filmmaker Conversations of 2020

Throughout 2020 DN was fortunate enough to speak to some of the most talented filmmakers across the globe. Here are 20 of our favourite conversations.

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Documentary, Music

Adi Halfin Blends Dance and Documentary to Reveal the Turmoil of Romance in Music Video ‘Lost Horse’

A dancer-choreographer duo, and real-life couple, document their romance in lockdown for Adi Halfin's remotely-created music video 'Lost Horse'.

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Adi Halfin Remotely Directs Dancers in Lockdown for Asaf Avidan’s ‘Earth Odyssey’

Adi Halfin tells DN how she constructed a music video for Asaf Avidan's 'Earth Odyssey' utilising dancers currently under lockdown around the globe.

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Adi Halfin Takes a Voyage Through an Enigmatic Country of Interconnected Stories in Kris Kelly’s ‘Birthplace’

Adi Halfin tells DN how unshakable characters, a late night desert experience and working on instinct resulted in enigmatic music video 'Birthplace'.

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Adi Halfin Reveals How India’s First Female Pro Skateborder Atita Verghese Is Fighting Outmoded Gender Roles

In her inspiring profile doc for Toyota Adi Halfin reveals how India’s first female pro skateboarder Atita Verghese is fighting outmoded gender roles.

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Asides, Documentary

Toyota – Start Your Impossible: Dergin Tokmak

Adi Halfin tells the story of world renowned breakdancer Dergin Tokmak, a paralyzed acrobat who has developed a unique style of dancing on crutches.

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Art & Fashion

Adi Halfin Indulges Intuition & the Elegance of Stillness in Dance Short ‘True Love Waits’

DN invited Adi Halfin to reflect on the creative power of indulging exploration and intuition in art as evidenced in her latest experimental dance film.

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