Quite often filmed depictions of love can come across as overly saccharine prompting eye rolls rather than the desired emotional connection. However new short Live to Love from long-time DN alum Adi Halfin is a film which avoids that sickly sweet trap, instead presenting a series of diverse couples who feel refreshingly authentic and grounded in their expressions of starry-eyed besottedness with one another.

Shot by cinematographer and Halfin’s partner on and off set Si Wachsmann, Live to Love was a consciously spontaneous project for the pair who were primarily concerned with “capturing beautiful moments of life together and creating authenticity” as Halfin recalls in her Curation Hour interview.

Regular readers will be aware that Halfin consistently shines in the movement as well as the directorial realm (even when doing so remotely) and so it’s no surprise that the moments of dance alongside the couples’ gestures beautifully capture the joyous rumbling of those butterflies which take wing whenever that special someone enters your orbit.

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