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Gudrun von Laxenburg: Revolution

Live Action

15th September, 2016

The love between two working drones ignites a revolt against a system of oppression in this dystopic sci-fi music video from Gudrun von Laxenburg.

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DN309: Hatch – Christoph Kuschnig

Live Action, Podcasts

2nd January, 2014

On a wintry Vienna night a newborn baby hangs in the balance of being wanted and being abandoned by two desperate couples in Christoph Kuschnig’s award

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An Unfair Game


10th December, 2013

With lucrative TV deals hitting record highs year on year, swelling football club coffers alongside their other revenue streams, it seems perplexingly

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DN295: MeTube: August Sings Carmen Habanera – Daniel Moshel

Music, Podcasts

8th August, 2013

A reverential tribute to all those earnest YouTube performers who give it their all regardless of filmic or musical talent, Daniel Moshel takes August

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Superplus Capture the ‘Soul of Design’ for 13&9

Art & Fashion

17th June, 2013

After coming across the intersection of living canvas and geometric light show to promote Austrian design label 13&9 earlier this month, we asked the

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A Man in the Box


28th April, 2013

“For me cinema is a community experience and the projection is a very important part of it.” A working projectionist discusses his career and

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Micro Empire | Macro Kingdom

Art & Fashion, Documentary

10th April, 2012

Stranger than fiction… molecular conflict and mitochondrial warfare … a heartstopping, subcellular epic … a truly microcinematic experience …

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Live Action

12th March, 2012

Having made his name working as casting director on the films of Michael Haneke, Ulrich Seidl, Stefan Ruzowitzky and Benjamin Heisenberg, Markus Schleinzer

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Live Action

6th January, 2012

What initially started as a test-shot for the new RED Scarlet-X turned into an engaging 5 minute short full of tension and awkwardness, as we witness a

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Made in Iceland


11th November, 2011

Klara Harden decided to set out on 25 day solo hike across Iceland. Luckily for us, she brought along her cinematographer’s eye and a Canon 550D to

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DN219: Breakfast | Screwed Up – Kris Hofmann

Animation, Podcasts

30th September, 2011

I’ve been a fan of animator Kris Hofmann’s stop motion work since seeing her true lives of the animals we eat piece Breakfast a couple years

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Herbst Titles


2nd July, 2011

Created as the graduation project for his Bachelor in Arts and Design, Clemens Wirth’s end title sequence for first World War drama Herbst is a lesson

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