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A Day in the Life of a Child Becomes a Psychedelic Voyage in Gerhard Funk’s Trippy ‘A Goat’s Spell’

Gerhard Funk tells DN how shifting production into Virtual Reality gave him the creative boost needed to finish off his hallucinatory animation.

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Animation, Live Action

Elijah Allan-Blitz’s ‘Remembering’ Uses Cutting-Edge AR Technology to Open up a World of Pure Imagination

Elijah Allan-Blitz explains how he created new augmented reality technology with Disney StudioLAB that allows for an enhanced storytelling experience.

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Based on a heinous true life story Bartosz Kowalski's debut feature uncompromisingly explores the link between troubled upbringings and child psychopathy.

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Jih-E Peng & Guy Pooles Capture the Pain of Early Heartbreak in ‘The Light and the Little Girl’

DoP Jih-E Peng joins us with director Guy Pooles to discuss how they went about capturing the ‘girl’s eye-view’ of burgeoning, delicate romance.

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