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Animation, Premiere

How a Desire for Environmental Harmony Led Emily Halaka to Create Animated Fever-Dream Short ‘Organic Matter’

Emily Halaka joins DN to discuss how she used animation to promote harmony between humanity and the Earth in her delightfully surreal ecological short.

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Evgenia Arbugaeva & Maxim Arbugaev Acutely Capture the Effects of Climate Change in Oscar-Nominated Doc ‘Haulout’

Evgenia Arbugaeva explains the difficulty of shooting an Oscar-nominated nature documentary amongst thousands of scared walruses.

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Live Action, Premiere

Rhys Day’s Mysterious Climate Change Allegory ‘Strange Country’ Depicts the Australian Wilderness Fighting Back

Rhys Days explains the challenges involved with shooting in remote Australian rainforests for his enigmatic ecological narrative.

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Art & Fashion

Victor Claramunt Approaches the Impending Doom of the Plastic Crisis with Youth & Humour in ‘La Mer’

DN speaks with Victor Claramunt about the creation of his humorous and youthful ecological art film confronting the impending plastic crisis 'La Mer'.

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Animation, Asides

The Art of Change – Climate Change

Sois de Traca present an alternate reality in which a group of animals resort to guerrilla tactics to call planet wrecking humans to account.

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