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Wolfberg Recreate Moments of Historical Strife in Time-Hopping National Museum Film ‘Bright and Beautiful’

Live Action

28th September, 2021

Wolfberg talk to DN about the technical challenges of recreating multiple major historical events for their epic museum film 'Bright and Beautiful'.

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Jordan Blady’s Czech-Set Visual Poem ‘Somebody’ Creates a Stirring, Enigmatic Portrait of Modern Identity

Art & Fashion

13th July, 2021

Jordan Blady explains how he deployed old-fashioned lifts, mirrors and shadows to skirt the line between hope and menace in visual poem 'Somebody'.

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Stefano Ottaviano Celebrates the Motivating Spark That Leads to Great Change in ‘One By One’


2nd July, 2021

Stefano Ottaviano walks DN through the euphoric feeling of self-actualisation that underpins his music video for Diplo's anthemic 'One By One'.

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Time Stands Still in a Remote Town in Jara Moravec’s Enchanting and Cerebral Music Video ‘Leon’

Music, Premiere

16th October, 2020

Inspired by the El Gordo lottery, Jara Moravec's ethereal 16mm music video 'Leon' sees a mysterious woman offload her wealth in an isolated town.

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