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Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti: Caramella

Animation, Asides, Music

7th November, 2018

Emanuele Kabu animates a shifting burst of vibrant colours mixed with masked contemporary music icons for Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti track 'Caramella'.

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Animation, Asides

16th May, 2018

Stop-motion short 'Aperture' is the captivating result of Italian filmmaker Emanuele Kabu’s attempt to rekindle a connection with his hometown.

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Colours Run from Nowhere to Everywhere in Emanuele Kabu’s Kaleidoscopic ‘The Nomadic Alternative’

Animation, Music

24th March, 2016

Emanuele Kabu chats to DN about tapping into feelings of restlessness for Delta Club's colourfully animated kinetic music video ‘The Nomadic

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It’s Called "Moon"


13th February, 2014

Fears of inspiration being merely a fleeting partner provided the creative spark for Emanuele Kabu’s previous short Mail, and once again the filmmaker

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7th October, 2013

Commission by his hometown audio/visual festival Fuochi Fatui to create a looping one minute film, Emanuele Kabu’s animation Mail speaks to that dark

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