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12th June, 2018

Dillon M. Banda's contemplative short celebrates the human spirit as it follows a community of nuns and monks as they prepare for a major ceremony.

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Max Hattler & Lux Prima Join Forces for an Audiovisual Collision of Repetition & Distortion in ‘Divisional Articulations’

Animation, Art & Fashion, Music

5th July, 2017

We speak to long-time DN Alum Max Hattler about the trajectory his prolific career to date & his latest audiovisual collaboration with composer Lux Prima.

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Dillon M. Banda Embarks on an Intimate Journey of Significant Songs and Past Love in ‘Ghosts’

Art & Fashion

4th July, 2017

Dillon M. Banda highlights the significant role music plays as the emotional soundtrack of memory in the first instalment of his 'How We Live Now' series.

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Hong Kong Station


7th April, 2013

Treehouse Studio’s animation provide a guided tour of four decades of Hong Kong expressed as four levels of a metro station in Hong Kong Station. You

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A Decade


1st November, 2012

Created by the combined force of Oscar Sheikh and Ray Wong, A Decade is a 90 second animation detailing how sections of society have started to live in the

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Batman: Dark Knightfall


7th August, 2012

If you’re planning to dip your toe into the world of stop motion fan films by making a short based on a beloved comic hero franchise, I suggest you

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