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Area 52 B-Sides

Animation, Art & Fashion, Asides

10th August, 2018

DN gets excited about John Morena's decision to release the deep cuts from his 'a new film a week for a year' project as the 'Area 52 B-Sides'.

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How John Morena Used Physical Techniques to Create the Glitchy Title Sequence of Netflix’s ‘Evil Genius’


19th July, 2018

John Morena reveals the unique methods he used to create an authentic title sequence for Netflix true crime documentary series 'Evil Genius'.

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One New Film Every Week for a Year: John Morena Reflects on His Epic Instagram Animation Project ‘Area 52’

Animation, Art & Fashion

25th January, 2018

New York filmmaker John Morena reflects on all he learnt creating 52 animated shorts in his epic year-long Instagram project 'Area 52'.

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John Morena Explores the Vast Disconnect Between the Mind & Soul in Enchanting Music Video ‘The Drought’

Animation, Music

17th January, 2018

John Morena elevates us into the stratosphere and blasts through outer space in his bewitching music video for Ryan Chernin's 'The Drought'.

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John Morena Dispatches Social Commentary Through Innovative Tongue in Cheek Micro-Film Series ‘Area 52’

Animation, Art & Fashion

21st April, 2017

DN talks to innovative experimental filmmaker John Morena, about his uncompromising, weekly animated micro-film series 'Area 52'.

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