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LIFF2010: Never Let Me Go

Film Festival, Live Action

20th November, 2010

An adaptation of an acclaimed and beloved novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go paints a conceptually alternative world with a very familiar visual

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LIFF2010: Double Tide

Documentary, Film Festival

19th November, 2010

A few weeks ago a review of Ruhr by James Benning was submitted as part of the coverage of the 54th London Film Festival, where I proposed Benning’s work

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LIFF2010: A Town Called Panic

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action

14th November, 2010

The first stop-motion animation to compete in Cannes Film Festival’s Official Selection, A Town Called Panic’s eccentric insanity is not what we

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LIFF2010: Son of Babylon

Film Festival, Live Action

13th November, 2010

Set only a few weeks into the wake of the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, Son of Babylon, winner of the Amnesty Film Award and Peace Prize at the 60th

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LIFF2010: To Walk Beside You

Film Festival, Live Action

12th November, 2010

Although it would be a stretch to denounce To Walk Beside You as a mistranslation of the original Japanese title, a direct translation would offer slightly

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LIFF2010: Mare’s Tail

Art & Fashion, Film Festival

11th November, 2010

Cherry Kino, who programmed Mare’s Tail, is the experimental film strand of the Leeds International Film Festival, though its founder Martha

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