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A Taxidermist Sets Her Eyes on Stuffing a Human in Theo Rhys’ Bombastic Comedy Horror Opera ‘Stuffed’

Film Festival, Live Action

17th March, 2021

Theo Rhys talks embracing the macabre for his ambitious horror musical 'Stuffed', the tale of a lonely taxidermist and her desire to stuff a human.

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Nathan Nzanga’s Life Is Told Through Illusory Montage in Caleb Slain’s Startling Hip Hop Film ‘Enough’


26th February, 2021

Caleb Slain reveals the important relationships his crew established to tackle the personal subject matter at the heart of his lifespanning film 'Enough'.

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On Greed

Live Action

29th May, 2012

Nothing kills a budding romance like selfishness and few people can depict a relationship’s downfall with the measured, lyrical beauty of Jamie

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DN238: Doctor Glamour – Andrew W Jones

Live Action, Podcasts

22nd March, 2012

Proving that he’s lost none of his crazy, imaginative approach to storytelling since he last joined us, director Andrew W Jones returns to DN with his

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Asides, Music

31st January, 2012

Chris Crutchfield creates the score that powers our digital lives in his humorous short Digitals.

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Doctor Glamour Trailer

Live Action

4th October, 2011

After taking us on the chemical thrill ride of our lives in Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer, we were pleased to see Andrew W Jones set his sights

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Kickstart Doctor Glamour

Live Action

8th February, 2011

If you loved the hyper-drug madness of Neo-Mega-Ultra Tokyo’s premiere narcotics pusher, Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer you’ll probably

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DN133: The Patterns Trilogy – Jamie Travis

Art & Fashion, Live Action, Podcasts

21st May, 2009

Sometimes filmmakers come pre-recommended, which often brings the potential for huge disappointment when I eventually get to view their raved about work.

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