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Patrick Muhlberger Unleashes the Chaos of Well Meaning Idiots in His Frenetic One-Shot Comedy Short ‘Hot Dog’

Live Action

31st March, 2020

Patrick Muhlberger returns with one-shot comedy 'Hot Dog' and explains why he abandoned his usual stylish tricks in favour of an energetic roving camera.

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Jillian Lake Banishes Heartache With a Blast of Sad Girl Karaoke in Devon Mussett’s One-Shot Music Video ‘Oliver’


6th March, 2020

We talk to director Devon Mussett about capturing a devastating round of sad girl karaoke in a single shot for Jillian Lake's break up anthem 'Oliver'.

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A Disabled Comedian Becomes a Father During His Stand-Up Routine in David Abramsky’s One-Shot Short ‘Dad Joke’

Film Festival, Live Action

12th December, 2019

David Abramsky details the rigorous preproduction process and memorable audience responses from his one-shot comedy/drama, 'Dad Joke'.

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Jehnny Beth: I’m The Man

Asides, Music

3rd December, 2019

Jehnny Beth & Anthony Byrne cause a mighty ruckus on Manchester's streets in their new one-shot video for Peaky Blinders soundtrack single 'I'm The Man'.

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A Man on the Brink of Self-Destruction Films His Final Moments in Jonny Blair’s Minimalistic ‘An Hero’

Live Action, Premiere

2nd December, 2019

Jonny Blair explains how a lack of resources and self-confidence led to the creation of his striking webcam short about a man teetering on the edge.

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A Couple’s Fear and Empathy Battle It out on a Deserted Snowy Road in Lance Edmands’ One-Shot Thriller ‘Whiteout’

Live Action

25th November, 2019

Lance Edmands explains how he used one-shot filmmaking to root audiences inside a couple's battle between fear & empathy in car bound thriller 'Whiteout'.

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Andy McCallie Documents Chris Robertson’s Profound Monologue on American History in One-Take Short ‘Freedom Song’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

24th June, 2019

Andy McCallie tells DN how he used the restrictions of one-shot filmmaking to manifest the power of Chris Robertson's profound ‘Freedom Song' monologue.

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Guilty Pleasures Meet Female Vengeance in Armand De Saint-Salvy’s One-Shot Music Video ’29 Gold Stars’


24th May, 2019

Armand De Saint-Salvy shares how he pulled off a one-shot tale of deceit and vengeance that unfolds over several weeks in music video '29 Gold Stars'.

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The Intense Memories of Love Slowly Fade Away in Rob Smith’s One-Shot Music Video ‘Catherine’


22nd May, 2019

Director Rob Smith explains how he conveyed the emotional evaporation of a break-up in one continuous circular shot for PHFAT music video 'Catherine'.

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Ashley Robicheaux Reminisces on the Pleasures of Past Love in One-Shot R O B I Music Video ‘Handlebars’

Music, Premiere

17th April, 2019

DN speaks to Ashley Robicheaux about crafting a haunting mix of live performance & improvisational dance in one-shot R O B I music video 'Handlebars'.

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Charlie Watts on Making Every Second Count in His Multi-Layered One-Shot Micro Short ‘Under’

Live Action

15th March, 2019

Charlie Watts discusses ratcheting up the tension in his 77 second, one-shot micro-short ‘Under’ - the story of four individuals under one bridge.

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Into Music

Asides, Documentary

8th January, 2019

Edgar Ferreira unveils the jigsaw of elements which coalesce into perfection on stage in his impressive one-shot tour of the Gulbenkian Orchestra.

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