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Guilty Pleasures Meet Female Vengeance in Armand De Saint-Salvy’s One-Shot Music Video ’29 Gold Stars’


24th May, 2019

Armand De Saint-Salvy shares how he pulled off a one-shot tale of deceit and vengeance that unfolds over several weeks in music video '29 Gold Stars'.

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The Intense Memories of Love Slowly Fade Away in Rob Smith’s One-Shot Music Video ‘Catherine’


22nd May, 2019

Director Rob Smith explains how he conveyed the emotional evaporation of a break-up in one continuous circular shot for PHFAT music video 'Catherine'.

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Ashley Robicheaux Reminisces on the Pleasures of Past Love in One-Shot R O B I Music Video ‘Handlebars’

Music, Premiere

17th April, 2019

DN speaks to Ashley Robicheaux about crafting a haunting mix of live performance & improvisational dance in one-shot R O B I music video 'Handlebars'.

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Charlie Watts on Making Every Second Count in His Multi-Layered One-Shot Micro Short ‘Under’

Live Action

15th March, 2019

Charlie Watts discusses ratcheting up the tension in his 77 second, one-shot micro-short ‘Under’ - the story of four individuals under one bridge.

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Into Music

Asides, Documentary

8th January, 2019

Edgar Ferreira unveils the jigsaw of elements which coalesce into perfection on stage in his impressive one-shot tour of the Gulbenkian Orchestra.

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Daniel Gootnick Explores the Humanity & Drama of the Spaces We Inhabit in One-Shot Dance Short ‘Different / Sleep’

Art & Fashion

20th December, 2018

Daniel Gootnick guides us through a strange enigmatic house, providing glimpses into lives past and present in one-shot dance short 'Different / Sleep'.

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A Man Strips Away His Personal Demons in Harvey Pearson’s Powerful One-Shot Rebirth Music Video ‘Gratitude’


14th December, 2018

DN speaks to Harvey Pearson about the powerful immediacy provided by real time narratives and why 35mm was the clear choice for his one-shot music video.

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Asides, Live Action

5th December, 2018

Georgia Parris’ one-shot short 'Abandon' observes the emotional turmoil of a dancer required to give her all moments after being told she’s pregnant.

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DN361: Erik Poppe Forces Us to Experience Norway’s Terror Attack First Hand in One-Shot Feature ‘Utøya – July 22’

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

2nd November, 2018

DN speaks to director Erik Poppe about the moral and cinematic considerations which led him to recreate Norway's Utøya tragedy in a gruelling single shot.

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Kathryn Joseph: 1111

Asides, Music

25th September, 2018

One-shot short '1111' by Rob Chiu for Kathryn Joseph masterfully charts an unexplained flood of primal emotions over its enigmatic 5 min running time.

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Alessia Cara Gets Thrust Into Adulthood in Alan Masferrer’s Striking One-Shot Music Video ‘Growing Pains’


17th July, 2018

We talk to DN alum Alan Masferrer about creating a morphing metaphor for the different stages of life in impressive one-shot music video 'Growing Pains'.

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Mitchell Stafiej Reveals the In-Camera Techniques Behind Petra Glynt’s Spinning One-Shot Promo ‘This Trip’


10th May, 2017

Mitchell Stafiej tells DN how he coupled the terrifying chaos of Petra Glynt's performance with a home made camera rig for his spinning one-shot promo.

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