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Live Action

Roxy Rezvany Explores the Skewed Power Dynamics of a Domestic Abuse Police Interview in ‘Honesty’

Roxy Rezvany details the subtle aesthetic decisions that inform and propel the quietly intensifying narrative of her BIFA-nominated dramatic short.

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Animation, Music

Philipp Yuryev & Ivan Proskuryakov’s ‘Against Tortures in Russia’ Powerfully Condemns Police Brutality

Philipp Yuryev talks about giving voice to those victims the Kremlin tries to silence through a careful blend of live-action and storybook stop-motion.

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Cherish Oteka Finds the Intimate Heart of a Poignant Story of Institutional Racism in ‘The Black Cop’

Cherish Oteka explains how they used classic documentary hardware & a retrospective 4:3 aesthetic to tell an unflinching story of racism & identity.

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