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Rob Savage Delivers Unrelenting Action & Adrenaline with Micro-Horror ‘Salt’

Film Festival, Live Action

12th October, 2018

Director Rob Savage joins us to discuss working with Alice Lowe and staying one step ahead of his audience with Micro-Horror 'Salt'.

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Director Rob Savage Looks to Connect Deaf and Hearing Audiences with genre film ‘Dawn of the Deaf’

Live Action

14th June, 2017

Director Rob Savage joins us to discuss how he injected fresh blood into the veins of undead storytelling with his new take on the horror/zombie short.

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The Creeping Horror of Grief Becomes all too Palpable in Rob Savage’s Short ‘Absence’

Live Action

31st March, 2016

DN caught up with Director Rob Savage to discuss ‘Absence’ - his short but dense film about the grieving process, starring Paul Mcgann.

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DN316: Strings – Rob Savage

Live Action, Podcasts

6th March, 2014

A director we’ve been watching with great interest here on DN, Rob Savage’s work consistently grabs our attention. That’s why I asked him to join us

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Exploring the Mythical Beasts of Rob Savage’s British Sea Power Promo


5th February, 2014

Recently heralded as one of Screen International’s Stars of Tomorrow, we speak to upcoming UK director Rob Savage about his captivating black and white

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