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VERSUS – ManvsMachine

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27th August, 2016

Versus is structured around the themes of Nature vs Structure, Form vs Function. The film explodes with mind-blowing CGI created with Cinema 4D. Take a...

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Hot on the heels of his recently featured short Home Suite Homedirector Jeroen Houben returns with another short film full of charming characters and outstanding production – this time transporting us into the haze of the summer romance with Plaster.

A brief but energetic 3-minute SFX short, Star Wars – Call of the Empire from director Trevor Kerr imagines what would have happened if those loyal to the Empire would have kept fighting after Return of the Jedi

A humorous and unorthodox documentary from Edinburgh-based filmmaker Scott Willis, Tapes From The Revolutionary is a 16-minute short that attempt to take you into the mind, and behind the lens, of self-proclaimed communist revolutionary Andy – who is somewhat of a documentarian himself.

Jim Cummings‘ single continuous take short Thunder Road has been blowing up the festival scene and even received support from The Boss when Cummings wrote an open letter to Springsteen requesting music rights for the online release. Seconds into the film, it’s clear that praise is well placed – you’ve never seen grief expressed quite like this before.

Jessica Oreck puts her paper craft skills to charming using in How the Bra was Invented, the launch episode for TED-Ed’s new ongoing Moments of Vision series.

Drawing on her own experiences and the experiences of those around her, Vera Babida’s There Again illustrates the repetitive and empty cycle of clicks and swipes that has come to typify modern dating. Babida shares her production process in these making of posts.

“Death is a disease, growing from the inside beneath the Shell. Cursed blessings trickling down tubes, pushing hope through weak veins. Waiting for blissful Heaven to return. Heaven is Hell.” Daniel Ahrens personifies cancer in all its patient maliciousness in powerfully dark short Shell.

Vince Staples – Señorita (Uncensored)


14th July, 2015

Another excerpt - just checking that they work...

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Hypnotic computer-generated twerking rules the day in Jesse Kanda’s Arca video

Asides, Music

22nd October, 2014

Ever wanted to see a naked, computer-generated, bald woman twerk her generously-sized booty to the sounds of a Venezuelan musician? Here's your chance......

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Jim Owen offers some insightful break-up advice in comedy short film ‘Can We Talk?’

Asides, Live Action

21st October, 2014

Jim Owen's comedic short film 'Can We Talk?' serves up some hilarious and slightly uncomfortable break-up advice from his misguided protagonist Vince....

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