Rarely, the situation arises that for whatever reason (BBC refusing to give us permission to use any clips being an example!) I’ll record a great DN interview but can’t release it as our regular video/interview combo, meaning my guests’ words of wisdom don’t get to see the light of day. This week I’ve decided to right one such wrong by putting out an episode recorded back in May ’07 and linking out to some clips I found online for the ‘video’ part. More work for you guys, but don’t worry it’s well worth the extra effort.

Way back in the mists of time when Directors Notes was still in its dead tree form, I wrote a piece about a then relatively new and extremely interesting animation studio called Trunk. Years later it was my pleasure to catch up with Richard Barnett and Layla Atkinson of Trunk along with director Sam Hobkinson to chat about the adaptation of Saki in Who Killed Mrs De Ropp? for BBC Four’s Edwardian Birth of Now season in ’07.

Who Killed Mrs De Ropp? is a drama based on three stories of Saki, ‘The Storyteller’, ‘The Lumber Room’ and ‘Sredni Vashtar’, each one telling a cruelly funny tale of children using their imagination to overcome their repressed upbringing.

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