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Jacob Lee’s BAFTA Short ‘A Drifting Up’ Offers a Cathartic Montage of City Life & Human Connection

Jacob Lee tells us how dancing as a means of stress relief became a self-shot, BAFTA-nominated documentary about overcoming depression and anxiety.

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Art & Fashion

Nat Gee Traverses the Ebbs and Flows of an Intense Anxiety Attack in Experiential Short ‘Waves’

Nat Gee explains how she used movement and camerawork to convey the inner workings of an intense anxiety attack for her experimental dance short.

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Live Action

Marco Lawson’s ‘The Dinner’ Perfectly Captures the Dangerous Mix of Social Anxiety and Heavy Drinking

With dark lighting, close angles and an improvisatory feel, Marco Lawson explains how he expertly captured the awkwardness of keeping up with the in-laws.

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