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A Young Woman Desperately Clings to Hope in a Brutal Reality in Zornitsa Dimitrova’s ‘A Dark Moment of Faith’

Zornitsa Dimitrova speaks to us about crafting a story which forces audiences to experience the shock of deceit in her hard hitting and unapologetic short.

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Live Action, Premiere

Reece Daniels’ Experimental Dance Thriller ‘BONGO’ Tells a Tale of False Connection in the Modern Age

Reece Daniels walks through the construction of the frenetic tension that underpins his cautionary tale about trusting too freely in contemporary society.

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Love, Betrayal & Revenge Have Their Destructive Way in Floyd Russ’ ‘Cashmere’

Set within an interlocking love triangle between a husband, his wife and her lover, Floyd Russ crafts an iterative story of love, betrayal and revenge.

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