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Tomer Shushan’s ‘White Eye’ is a Piercing Exploration of White Privilege in Israel Told in an Epic One-Shot

Live Action

10th March, 2021

Tomer Shushan discusses investigating the different layers at play in Israeli society through his tense Oscar shortlisted one-take short 'White Eye'.

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Dekel Berenson Poignantly Captures the Ukrainian Love Tourism Industry in BIFA Winning Short ‘Anna’

Live Action

21st January, 2021

Part two of a series exploring women's lives across the globe Dekel Berenson discusses 'Anna' his touching portrait of the Ukrainian love tourism industry.

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Adi Halfin Takes a Voyage Through an Enigmatic Country of Interconnected Stories in Kris Kelly’s ‘Birthplace’


16th May, 2019

Adi Halfin tells DN how unshakable characters, a late night desert experience and working on instinct resulted in enigmatic music video 'Birthplace'.

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GIFs of Thrones

Animation, Asides

18th April, 2019

Eran Mendel reprises his role as Game of Thrones GIF creator with his playful 'GIFs of Thrones' trailer along with a flirtatious episode 1 dragon flight.

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Adi Halfin Reveals How India’s First Female Pro Skateborder Atita Verghese Is Fighting Outmoded Gender Roles


27th November, 2018

In her inspiring profile doc for Toyota Adi Halfin reveals how India’s first female pro skateboarder Atita Verghese is fighting outmoded gender roles.

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Shahaf Ram Serves up the Strangest Game of Tennis You’ve Ever Seen in Animated Music Video ‘White Lies’

Animation, Music

5th October, 2018

Director Shahaf Ram shares the inspiration behind his fantastically bizarre animated tennis match music video for TATRAN’s ‘White Lies’.

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Totemo: Origami

Asides, Music

2nd August, 2018

Hagay Swisa unfolds the frozen fragmentary memories floating in a young woman’s subconscious world in surreal music video 'Origami' for Totemo.

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The Academics: Hit Radio Tune

Animation, Asides, Music

25th July, 2018

Director Ynon Lan brings colourful New York summer vibes to his stylised rotoscoped music video for The Academics‘ 'Hit Radio Tune'.

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Common Ground

Art & Fashion, Asides

24th July, 2018

Kobi Vogman’s 'Common Ground' presents a disquieting cycle of creation and destruction as an imagined place of surreal imagination succumbs to a flood.

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The Untangled Routine

Animation, Asides

14th May, 2018

A series of bizarre creations exist in an empty space in this oddly compelling piece of stop-motion from Bezalel Academy graduate Orit Oged.

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Daphna Awadish Searches for the Meaning of Home in Wistful Animated Documentary ‘Journey Birds’

Animation, Documentary

5th February, 2018

Daphna Awadish reflects on the meaning of home amongst long-term immigrants in her Bezalel Academy animated documentary 'Journey Birds'.

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Shahaf Ram Charts the Progression of a Broken Heart in the Sublimely Mournful ‘Separation’


10th January, 2018

Shahaf Ram takes DN through the creation of 'Separation', his sublimely realised mixed media expression of the emotional devastation caused by lost love.

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