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Adi Halfin Indulges Intuition & the Elegance of Stillness in Dance Short ‘True Love Waits’

Art & Fashion

6th July, 2017

DN invited Adi Halfin to reflect on the creative power of indulging exploration and intuition in art as evidenced in her latest experimental dance film.

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Daniel Sorochkin Demonstrates How Not to Propose in Awkward Comedy Short ‘Check Please’

Live Action

27th March, 2017

Daniel Sorochkin tells DN how he kept things visually interesting and awkwardly funny in his marriage proposal gone wrong comedy of errors short.

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Game of Thrones GIF Creator Eran Mendel Reveals the Craft Behind His Looping Mini Masterpieces


10th March, 2017

Illustrator/animator Eran Mendel provides an inside look into the processes he uses to create his infinitely shareable, looping GIF mini-masterpieces.

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Tamar Odenheimer Depicts the Heartbreaking Loneliness of a Child Abandoned at the School Gates in ‘Loop’


6th March, 2017

Tamar Odenheimer discusses the journey towards narrative economy for her heartbreaking short about a child whose parents forget to pick him up from school.

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Israeli Artists Deliver an Impressive Hit of Animated Mixed-Media for Marijuana Anthem ‘Legal Eyes’

Animation, Music

8th February, 2017

Packed full of creativity Tal Zagreba, Robert Moreno & Daniel Sasson's legalisation promo is an impressive mixed-media call to arms for the 420 nation.

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A Nostalgia Obsessed Couple Take an Emotive Romp Through Space & Time in Rafi Shor’s ‘Killing Time’

Live Action

23rd August, 2016

The past must remain in past, the future doesn't exist and the present is all there is - Rafi Shor discusses playing with time and space in 'Killing Time'

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Sofia Gutman Achieves Emotional Clarity Through the Recreation of Memory in Animated Short ‘Rehovot’

Animation, Premiere

6th June, 2016

Making its online premiere on Directors Notes today, Sofia Gutman discusses her exploration into the shared nature of memory and film in animated short

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Tal Kantor & Shahar Davis Consider the Materiality of Things in Stop Motion Short ‘Under The Small Sun’


23rd May, 2016

Bezalel Academy students Tal Kantor & Shahar Davis discuss the difficulties of cockroach stop motion in their surreal short ‘Under The Small Sun’.

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Yoav Brill Explores the Anxiety of Public Hand Holding Among Gay Men in Doc Short ‘HORA’

Animation, Documentary

5th May, 2016

Director Yoav Brill talks to DN about his animated exploration into public hand holding amongst Israel's gay community in short documentary ‘HORA’.

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Kobi Vogman & Renana Aldor Take a Stop Motion Look at The Lost-Wax Technique of Bronze Casting

Animation, Art & Fashion

2nd May, 2016

Kobi Vogman and Renana Aldor discuss how they translated the complex practice of lost-wax bronze casting into a compelling and comprehensible piece of

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Wake from the Deep Sleep of Mental Slavery in Marc Grey’s Sci-Fi Short ‘Dreamco’

Live Action

22nd March, 2016

Marc Grey shares his bleak outlook of the monotonous, indentured servitude world of dream harvesting in short film Dreamco (Yekitza).

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DN336: Asaf Korman Delves into the Heart of Unhealthy Symbiotic Relationships in Sibling Drama ‘Next to Her’

Live Action, Podcasts

10th March, 2016

Israeli director Asaf Korman joins us on the podcast with feature debut ‘Next to Her’, an intimate and very personal look at the themes of co-dependence

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