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A Karen Ruins Keenan the First’s Date Night in Joel Jay Blacker’s ‘Dinner and a Movie’ Music Video


27th July, 2021

Director Joel Jay Blacker discloses how he pulled off a vibrant and ambitious rooftop-set music video for Keenan the First's 'Dinner and a Movie'.

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An Asshole AI Runs Roughshod Over Its Creators in Joel Jay Blacker’s Comedy Sci-Fi Series ‘Who You Are’

Live Action

28th February, 2020

Director Joel Jay Blacker returns to DN with comedy sci-fi series 'Who You Are' and tells us how he brought an asshole AI to foul-mouthed life.

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Keenan The First: How It Goes

Asides, Music

27th March, 2018

Joel Jay Blacker’s cyclical VFX music video 'How It Goes' sees the loop of Keenan The First's seemingly idyllic marriage derailed by selfishness.

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Plans for a Night of Debauchery Go off the Rails in Joel Jay Blacker’s Awkward Orgy Short ‘Let’s Do...

Live Action

6th March, 2018

Director Joel Jay Blacker discusses mining the premise of an ill-conceived orgy amongst friends for comedy gold in his ensemble short, 'Let’s Do It'.

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