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Dominica Harrison’s ‘Chado’ Is a Coming of Age Story Set Within an Enchanted Russian Wilderness

Animation, Premiere

24th November, 2021

Dominica Harrison details the physical approach to animation she took in creating the magical imagery of her short film 'Chado'.

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Alfie Dale Tells the Spiritual Journey of a Trans Teen in Fairytale Drama ‘My Brother is a Mermaid’

Live Action, Premiere

13th January, 2021

Alfie Dale explains how he sought to re-understand embedded societal gender norms through his social-realist LGBTQ fairytale 'My Brother is a Mermaid'.

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Tradition & Culture Vie for Ascendancy Over Self-Determination in Madja Amin’s Fantastical Debut ‘Stray Sheep’

Live Action

30th April, 2020

DN sits down with Madja Amin for a detailed discussion about his debut short 'Stray Sheep', an allegorical depiction of the nature of manhood and sacrifice

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