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A Romantic Camping Trip Descends Into a Psychological Nightmare in Jamie Wanstall’s Short ‘Still Waters Run Deep’

Jamie Wanstall breaks down the technicality behind the palpable tension and uneasiness in the cinematography of his folk horror short.

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A Couple Are Trapped in a Violent Embrace in Andrew Jim Gannon’s ‘United (Why Can’t We Say Enough)’

Andrew Jim Gannon deconstructs the purpose of the ever-evolving frame mask in his precise and psychological single-shot music video.

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Live Action, Premiere

Alexandra Velasco Depicts a Spiralling Descent Into Madness in Art-Horror Short ‘The Seventh Circle’

Alexandra Velasco reveals how the dark energy of the Baxter-Hodiak house manifested itself within her art-horror film about a murderous man in limbo.

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