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How Friendships “Shifted into the Digital Realm” Inspired Satellite Sci-Fi Short ‘The Lonely Orbit’


28th January, 2021

Frederic Siegel explains how the isolated feelings associated with leaving his student-life led him to create celestial sci-fi short 'The Lonely Orbit'.

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The Best Short Films of Locarno Film Festival 2020

Film Festival

11th August, 2020

This collection of Locarno's best short films reveals the Swiss festival's humanist impulse, curating a variety of stories about comings and goings.

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Jonas Ulrich Imbues the Swiss Alps With an Overwhelming Sense of Paranoia in Icy Thriller ‘Thin Air’

Live Action

25th May, 2020

Jonas Ulrich tells DN about the practical challenges of creating the paranoia needed for his Kubrick-influenced, Swiss Alps set thriller 'Thin Air'.

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Lorenz Wunderle Weaves a Violent Psychedelic Tale of Pain, Loss & Vengeance in ‘Coyote’


6th May, 2020

DN speaks to Swiss filmmaker Lorenz Wunderle about using animation to explore loss & the savagery of violence in his psychedelic vengeance short 'Coyote'.

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A Loner Resurrects His Dead Cat With the Help of a Mysterious Taxidermist in Irreverent Dark Comedy ‘Dead Animals’

Live Action, Premiere

14th April, 2020

David Oesch and Remo Rickenbacher discuss unconditional pet love, unorthodox taxidermy and the absurd consequences of grief in dark comedy 'Dead Animals'.

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Animation, Asides

5th September, 2019

An artificial child created to ease the pain of his grieving mother comes to understand the limits of his existence in tragic HSLU grad short 'Proxy'.

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A Lesbian Couple Ride the Intoxicating Roller Coaster of Romance in Kevork Aslanyan’s ‘Tell Me’


14th August, 2019

Director Kevork Aslanyan & Producer Luzius Fischer share how they amalgamated their favourite Bulgarian & Swiss talent for music video Tell Me.

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In a Nutshell


7th January, 2019

Fabio Friedli exhaustively encompasses the world and all that's within it in staggeringly inventive stop-motion piece 'In a Nutshell'.

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Odd Beholder: Loneliness

Asides, Music

16th August, 2018

Multidisciplinary artist Annalena Fröhlich finds herself locked in an unwinnable battle with a foe making all the rules in 'Loneliness' for Odd Beholder.

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Animation, Asides

24th May, 2018

Michaela Müller’s sublime animation 'Miramare' reveals the dichotomy of life on the Mediterranean borders of Europe for tourists and illegal immigrants.

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Animation, Asides

20th April, 2018

On a train trip through spatial and temporal dimensions the traveller suddenly comes across himself. #cat

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Too Mad: Mind Invaders

Animation, Asides, Music

28th February, 2018

Residents of Cat City tremble in fear as an unknown force comes to invade their minds in Tricktrabanten’s music video for Too Mad track 'Mind Invaders'.

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