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Elephant Gym: Underwater

Animation, Asides, Music

20th March, 2019

Li Guan Jie and Chen Zhong Wei animate an absolutely transfixing journey of self in their bath time music video for Elephant Gym track 'Underwater'.

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A Daily Chat

Animation, Asides

15th November, 2018

RCA student Cheng-Hsu Chung picks at the painful wound inflicted by professing your love only to have it brushed aside in animated short 'A Daily Chat'.

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A Gong (Grandpa)

Animation, Asides

1st November, 2018

A 7 year old boy tries to accept the death of his grandfather whilst attending his Taiwanese funeral in this delicate Gobelins student animation.

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Coffee Time


28th June, 2011

Drawn away from commercial design to the world of stop motion animation after finding inspiration in Mike Crozier’s SNASK, Wan-tzu dived into a first

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