Travis Wood, he who brought us the bone boiling craziness of Kayla in 1A, today premieres a much different type of portrait piece on Directors Notes with his short profile documentary about taking pride in one’s work, The Perfect Sheet.

Explaining how his friend’s diligence inspired the film Travis told us:

“Brian was an old friend that I reconnected with while on a trip home and I found out he was Zamboni driving. As we were talking I just realized he was more passionate about his job than most people and I was pretty clueless about ice resurfacing, so I met him at the rink on his next shift with my GH4 and started filming him. During the filming, I was thinking the piece would be a more of an informational piece on the Zamboni/ice itself but as I got into the interview, I realized it was all about his drive for perfection and the lessons he’s learned that overlap so many other passions/careers.”

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