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Jessica Bishopp Intimately Follows the Lives of Young Bird Watchers in Immersive Documentary ‘Skyward’

Jessica Bishopp deconstructs how she recreated the immersive feeling of birdwatching through considered visual language and detailed sound design.

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Live Action, Premiere

A Starving Wolf Crawls Inside Human Skin in Solmund MacPherson’s Absurd Comedy ‘Wolf in Dude’s Clothing’

Solmund MacPherson reveals how the farcical nature of everyday life inspired his short film about a wolf hiding inside a human skin.

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Documentary, Premiere

Matt Cascella Ennobles Man’s Best Friend in Charming Doc Short ‘Talking Dog’

Matt Cascella enlightens DN on his free-form approach to directing in ‘Talking Dog’, a documentary ode to the dogs of Maine by their human companions.

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Versus is structured around the themes of Nature vs Structure, Form vs Function. The film explodes with mind-blowing CGI created with Cinema 4D. Take a look at the talents of Design and Motion studio ManvsMachine.

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