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Lars Nagler Brings a Surreal Encyclopaedia to Life in His Short Animation ‘Shift Simmers Slips’

Animation, Art & Fashion

6th April, 2021

Lars Nagler explains the freely intuitive animation process behind 'Shift Simmers Slips' his surreal adaptation of Luigi Serafini's 'Codex Seraphinianus'.

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Emmanuelle Soffé’s ‘Neo Gender’ Explodes the Gender Binary Through a Stylish Reframing of Classical Art

Art & Fashion

29th March, 2021

Emmanuelle Soffé explains how and why she subverted the roots of gender in Christian-influenced art in the wonderfully inclusive and powerful 'Neo Gender'.

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Irmãos Meirelles Discover the Inspiration Hidden in Mundane Moments in Artist Profile Doc ‘Murayama’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

9th December, 2019

Irmãos Meirelles explore the hidden complexity inside mundane & seemingly irrelevant moments which lead us to new ideas in artist profile doc 'Murayama'.

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Appreciate the Beauty of Frozen Moments in Arthur Valverde’s Sculptural Dance Short ‘Statures of Gods’

Art & Fashion

5th December, 2017

Arthur Valverde tells DN how he combined sculpture and dance to express the beauty of the frozen moment in Paris art short 'Statures of Gods'.

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