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Zhenia Kazankina Acutely Captures Life in a Liminal Space in Deadpan Border Hotel Drama ‘Rio’

Live Action, Premiere

3rd September, 2021

Zhenia Kazankina explains how deadpan framing and cast relationships formed in rehearsals allowed for an oddball take on the coming-of-age genre in 'Rio'.

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Louis Crevier Exposes His Inner Demons in Darkly Surreal ‘Sometimes I Think About Things, and Sometimes I Get Sad.’


18th December, 2020

DN talks to Louis Crevier about releasing his inner demons in darkly surreal 3D animation "Sometimes I Think About Things, And Sometimes I Get Sad."

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Art & Fashion, Asides

3rd April, 2020

Hanna Brotherus asks what it means to be a man in dance piece 'Men' - an experimental project which deployed the power and intimacy of touch.

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Meet a Future Rally Driving Legend in Ossi Piispanen & Elliott Gonzo’s Finnish DIY Racing Scene Portrait ‘Taru’

Documentary, Premiere

8th April, 2019

Ossi Piispanen shares how he and Elliott Gonzo created a portrait of one teenage girl’s determination to claim her place in the world of rally driving.

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Animation, Asides

18th September, 2018

Jenny Jokela’s hand-painted RCA grad short 'Barbeque' is a wildly visceral, mesmeric animation about coping with post traumatic stress disorder.

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Anders Lönnfeldt Exposes the Analogue Poetry of Christoffer Relander’s ‘Jarred & Displaced’ Photo Series

Art & Fashion, Documentary

5th January, 2017

Anders Lönnfeldt takes us behind the scenes of experimental photographer Christoffer Relander's 'bottled' landscape series 'Jarred & Displaced'.

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Hannu Aukia’s Exposes the Fragility of Modern Romantic Relationships in Short Film ‘Helsinki-Turku’

Live Action

12th February, 2015

Director Hannu Aukia’s talks to DN about how he turned a ‘vibe’ between actors into a deeply affecting short about the fragility of modern romantic

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Love Runs Volatile Yet Tender in Sakari Lerkkanen’s ‘All These Years’ Music Video


14th January, 2015

Finnish Director Sakari Lerkkanen draws from a past spent living on the fringes, to deliver the deeply emotive tale of a couple’s fractious relationship

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Sakari Lerkkanen Reveals the Visual Rhythm of the Party Outcast in ‘Lintu’


7th April, 2014

Director Sakari Lerkkanen pulls from fond memories of parties in abandoned locations in his native Finland for Le Roi's 'Lintu' music video. Lerkkanen takes

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Teemu Niukkanen Performs Sex Change Through Pagan Ritual in The Hearing’s ‘George As a Boy’


27th January, 2014

We’ve been keeping a keen eye on the music video work of Finnish director Teemu Niukkanen for some time here at DN, suckers that we are for his askew

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Femme En Fourrure: Pretty Boy


8th December, 2013

If this year’s onslaught of twerking rears got to be a little too much for you then you may well want to skip the gyration packed promo from Miikka

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Sin Cos Tan: Limbo


23rd September, 2013

Death stalks a netherworld waiting room for the dearly departed in Ville Salminen’s metaphysical promo for Sin Cos Tan’s Limbo.

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