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Liam Tangum’s Small-Town Crime Drama ‘Toomsboro’ Tracks Two Brothers as They Stumble Upon a Stack of Cash

Live Action, Premiere

5th October, 2021

Liam Tangum explains how he captured the beautiful vistas of the Deep South for his small-town fraternal crime drama 'Toomsboro'.

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Zhenia Kazankina Acutely Captures Life in a Liminal Space in Deadpan Border Hotel Drama ‘Rio’

Live Action, Premiere

3rd September, 2021

Zhenia Kazankina explains how deadpan framing and cast relationships formed in rehearsals allowed for an oddball take on the coming-of-age genre in 'Rio'.

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Lian Meng Rose Dramatises a Drastic Shift in British History for NFTS-produced Mining Tale ‘Stratum Deep’

Live Action

30th June, 2021

Lian Meng Rose's reveals how he combined 16mm film grain and immersive sound design to bring the mines to life in historical fiction drama 'Stratum Deep'.

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Hannah Brewerton’s Animated Satire ‘Hit and Run’ Pokes Fun at Tactics of Distraction in British Politics

Animation, Premiere

24th June, 2021

Hannah Brewerton explains how she channelled her frustrations with the 2019 UK general election into art for her RCA graduate animation 'Hit and Run'.

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