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Live Action, Premiere

Naomi Pacifique Excavates the Intertwined Nature of Bodies and Intimacy in Her LFS Grad Short ‘after a room’

Naomi Pacifique reveals how she wanted to alter on-screen representations of the body through her intimate, exploratory London Film School graduate short.

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Art & Fashion

Varsha Panikar & Saad Nawab Create a Portrait of Tender Intimacy in Visual Poem ‘Bodies of Desire’

Varsha Panikar and Saad Nawab discuss the intimacy workshops they conducted to get their non-actor performers ready for their intimate short.

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Art & Fashion, Premiere

Emily Dynes Traverses the Intersection of Intimacy & Trauma in Her Moving Dance Short ‘Slowly’

Emily Dynes tells DN how she worked with her actors and choreographer to develop the intimate movements required for her intense dance short 'Slowly'.

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