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Take a Whistle Stop Tour of the Land of the Rising Sun in Dante Zaballa’s Charming Animation ‘My Trip...


10th December, 2018

Animator Dante Zaballa tells DN about immortalizing his jaunt to the land of the rising sun in delightfully charming animation 'My Trip to Japan'.

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imai: Fly (Feat. 79, Kaho Nakamura)

Animation, Asides, Music

16th April, 2018

Baku Hashimoto takes various types of Japanese mochi on a morphing stop-motion adventure in this hunger inducing music video for imai track 'Fly'.

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A Young Boy Navigates a Surprising Identity Crisis in Jon Frickey’s Charming Animated Short ‘Cat Days’


7th April, 2018

DN talks to Jon Frickey about cultural appropriation, language barriers & wrestling with complicated storyboards for his charming animation 'Cat Days'.

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Gabrielle: An animated film for CHANEL

Animation, Asides

7th March, 2018

Cara Delevingne stars as a skateboarding, bag loving, Parisian in Shishi Yamazaki's gorgeous animated film for CHANEL’s Gabrielle bag campaign.

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Director Mackenzie Sheppard Looks to Personify Technology with Morality Tale ‘Donny the Drone’

Live Action

31st January, 2018

Mackenzie Sheppard joins us to discuss being taken hostage at gun point & the other challenges of shooting a short with a drone as the central character.

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TAKCOM Blends Western Street Culture and Japanese Tradition Into a Suburban Nightmare in ‘Pessim’

Art & Fashion, Music

29th May, 2017

Visual artist TAKCOM explains how he blended western street culture and Japanese tradition for his unsettling journey into suburban dread.

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Exploring the Possibilities of 360° Filmmaking in Mackenzie Sheppard’s Pony Pony Run Run Music Video


20th March, 2017

Japan-based Director Mackenzie Sheppard joins us to discuss camera choices and the challenges of 360° filmmaking for his Pony Pony Run Run music video.

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Wheelchair Dance

Art & Fashion

5th December, 2016

Inspired by the wheelchair and contemporary dance, Yasuhiro Tamura's kinetic short challenges the notion that endeavour inevitably leads to reward.

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Beats, Breasts & Bloodshed – Sion Sono Brings Japanese Rap Battle to the UK Streets with ‘Tokyo Tribe’

Live Action

8th May, 2015

Completely over-the-top and beautifully choreographed, 'Tokyo Tribe' is the feature-length rap-musical we’ve all been waiting for.

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3rd January, 2014

Shoko Hara and Paul Brenner’s graduate thesis animation Abita, poignantly tells the story of Fukushima children who dream of being able to play in an

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Julien Mier: Super Tropic Tramp

Animation, Music

4th November, 2013

Japanese filmmaker Koji Aramaki animates a glorious medley of shapes and colours in this promo for Julien Mier’s Super Tropic Tramp.

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Animation, Art & Fashion

29th March, 2013

“Koukou is a visual work based on an abstract animation synchronized with a song comprising the unique syllabic sounds of the Japanese language,

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